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When selling a property to purchase another either to relocate, up-size or down-size can be a monumental step in live and if handled appropriately can be a fun and exciting process.  Here are a few tips to get the best experience when selling to purchase another property:

-Look at your sale first to see what the market would offer for a similar property

-Invite a Realtor to help you with the pricing and details to better prepare and make the best impression on the market

-If you will finance the next property, look at current financing conditions and what you could purchase after your sale

-Explore the areas where you consider making your next purchase and see if your pricing estimations on your purchase are accurate

-Invite a Realtor to help you see the interior of properties to better evaluate pricing and condition of properties at those price ranges

-If after looking at all of the above the move still makes sense set a time-line for your listing date

-From this point your Realtor will be able to guide you through both closings and make a successful transaction

I have personally assisted many in selling a property and purchase another; no two transactions are ever the same, which always keeps me aware of every possible detail to anticipate hurdles along the way.

In this market and financing conditions change fast and sometimes drastically so it is a great idea to revisit the numbers frequently to make sure that everything is still on pace to become a reality.

When relocating out of the local area your Realtor can help you with a fellow agent at your next location to draw a good idea of what the local market there has to offer at your price range.

There are many details that will be particular to your situation and property, many questions are likely to arise usually frequently, don't hold back and ask as many questions along the way.

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